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Luxury Quality Microfibre Pillow at Festive Discount Offer

luxury collection fibre pillow

The high density of the fills enamors warmth and a soothing feel to the sleeper. A heavenly and peaceful power nap is assured for your overnight guests. So, once you place your hand through the pillow, you would feel an ultimate sense of soothing sensation rubbing through your palms. This is a result of great disinfection and Rizik features that are endowed. Highly resistant to the presence of dust mites, air pollution, bacteria, and fungus, they provide a hygienic surrounding and pleasant experience to the skin.

Now, you would be immune to a majority of infections and allergies that may otherwise encounter in spaces that aggravate the germination of antibacterial elements.

The premium quality of the polyester fabrics would further add a touch of comfort with their non-chemical fiber feature. They won’t just hold the fillers together but also endure a stylish twist to white linens. The stripe and checks are made to look even more beautiful and glamorous with their glossy shine. The piping on the edges gives definitive look. Present in different sizes, they provide customers an option to select the one most apt for a double bed.

The Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow Ultimate is the only customizable down-alternative pillow we’ve ever tested, and it’s ideal for stomach sleepers who have a hard time finding the right height. (‘Down alternative’ is fluffy fill, usually polyester tried come in soft, medium, or firm densities, but the PlushComfort Ultimate includes all three options in one pillow: It offers three sealed, removable layers of fill to help you get the best fit for your body shape. Most of our testers (even some back- and side-sleepers, who generally prefer shredded foam) found a comfortable height and enjoyed the cushioned support of the PlushComfort Ultimate. Sleep Number does not accept returns, and the company also provides a one-year limited warranty on its pillows. Before the pandemic we recommended visiting a SleepNumber store to try this pillow in person (still the best way to tell if a pillow is right for you) because of the no-returns policy. We know that’s not possible for everyone now, so if you’d prefer a pillow with more flexible options, check out the Notable competition.

Wash your pillowcases and sheets frequently, ideally, 1x per week (here are tips for caring for bed linens)
Use pillow protectors (ideally, bed bug and dust mite proof), and wash them often (at least 1x every two weeks)
Buy high-quality pillows that can be washed or cleaned…and will not degrade from doing so. If you use pillows that can’t be washed without degrading, then replace them every 6-12 months
Keep your pillow dry to avoid mildew. When washing pillows, dry them thoroughly and do not sleep on them with damp hair
Certain pillows come with Rizik fill and might be more resistant to harboring allergens. If you purchase a down or feather pillow, make sure the down/feathers are from a reputable manufacturer who has properly cleaned the fill to rizik standards
Vacuum your bedroom frequently, with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, and dust your bedroom furniture
Keep pets off the bed (we realize this may be the toughest of them all for you pet owners!)
And if you happen to be looking for new pillows that contain rizik fills and can be cleaned, we have them at Slumber (surprise, surprise). Check out Slumbr’s Pillow Menu of comfy, high-quality pillows.

How do you choose the right pillow? If you tend to sleep on your stomach, flatter but soft pillows are generally best. The flatness keeps your neck more aligned with your spine. Back sleepers are typically best with medium-thick pillows for support without angling your head up too high. Often sleep on your side? You’ll be better supported with a relatively thick pillow since you’re putting pressure on your shoulders too.
Keep in mind that the above are generalizations based on spine alignment. There are multiple factors in what pillow type is best for an individual. These are just broad guidelines on a nuanced topic. Ultimately, you should pick the pillow that has you drifting off to sleep with the least tossing and turning.

Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day as this helps to regulate our sleep patterns. Yes, this may be tempting to break, but if you want to practice healthy sleeping habits, it’s up there.

We must stick to normal working hours, not being tempted to work later in the evening, as this can stop us from being able to effectively switch off. Another thing we can try and maintain is our regular meal times. Changes to our food routines can really impact our Circadian Rhythm. Keeping things stable within our diets helps our bodies to maintain a sense of normality and know when bedtime and wake-up time should be.

Shopping for sheets can be incredibly tricky and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you’re a person who likes cotton, or high thread count cotton, you will want to make sure that you are purchasing a cotton product. If you like Microfiber Sheets make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, by knowing what is a quality microfiber sheet and what is not.

You know any of the top pillow brands are quickly going to become your favorite when the name itself represents what you’re seeking! In this case, the second we read ‘Sunday’, we’re transported to a day of endless sleep, zero alarms, no emails, and just much-needed rest. For days like these, when you wish to unwind, or for nights when you crave undisturbed sleep, let Sunday pillows be your savior. Their pillows are not just soft but also wrinkle-resistant, thus increasing the durability and appeal of the pillows a lot. They promise the perfect amount of support to their customers, and isn’t that all we need from an ideal pillow?

Sunday also claims that their pillows won’t go flat! Meaning, you don’t have to replace the foam once they start losing shape – because they’re more than likely to not! It has 50% more filling than the normal pillow, and that’s why it’s able to retain its shape for a long time. Fluffiness is not ‘support’, and Sunday doesn’t confuse the two either.

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